October 6, 2010

RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 at Duke University "If Ur Mother Only Knew"

One of the most popular beatbox performances of all time is Rahzel's "If Your Mother Only Knew" skit from his Make The Music 2000 album that dropped in 1999. Since then, thousands of beatboxers have tried to duplicate and imitate this skit. They've also used his technique of singing and doing beats at the same time to mimic Rahzel in their own routines. This was a pivotal moment in beatbox history and a game-changer. "If Your Mother Knew" went viral and was downloaded by millions and millions of people around the globe. From 1999 til now, this is always requested at Rahzel shows. Here is RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 at the famous DUKE UNIVERSITY, performing "If Your Mother Only Knew" > check it out!!! THIS VIDEO HAS OVER 2 MILLION VIEWS!!!

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