January 3, 2011

DJ JS-1 Live at APT, NYC w Dj Premier on the mic...

Straight off the plane from Paris, France, DJ JS-1 rocked at Eclipse & Premier's monthly party at APT in New York. It was a classic night with Dj Premier on the mic as JS-1 ripped up ton of breaks and songs. Check out this set... w no headphones!

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DJ JS-1 "that was then, this is now..."

This is a 20min video of DJ JS-1 beginnings as a DJ and how he has progressed, into some of the real hiphop shows he has done in New York...

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DJ JS-1 on MTV...

DJ JS-1 has been on MTV a few times in the late 90's... Here is some of the footage of JS-1 with Dj Slynkee and Dj Skribble on MTV... During this footage they perform a 3-man Dj routine live in Times Square 15 minutes before the ball drops on New Years Eve, 1999! 

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Occurrences & Undertakings...

Some clips of random silly moments... like Rahzel on a skateboard...

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DJ JS-1 "Wicked..."

A montage of DJ JS-1 cutting up Public Enemy's "Welcome to the Terrordome" all over the globe...

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RAHZEL & JS-1 at the Dour Festival (Belgium)

Rahzel and DJ JS-1 have performed at the Dour Fest in Belgium multiple times. This is from their show with Dj Muggs & Mixmaster Mike in 2009. This is clips of JS-1's set and Rahzel doing "Day n Night" and "Seven Nation Army" for this huge crowd. check it out!

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DJ JS-1 at Nokia Theatre (open for Ghostface)

DJ JS-1 has opened for several artists at Nokia Theatre from EPMD, Naughty by Nature, Rakim, Redman, Methodman, Wu Tang Clan, LA Coka Nostra, etc... This is footage from his opening DJ set for Ghostface.

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DJ JS-1 & RAHZEL (man vs machine)

For the past ten years Rahzel & DJ JS-1 have been performing together around the world. Many times, during their show, they do a segment called "man vs machine..." Rahzel basically duplicates whatever songs or sounds the turntable makes. Here is a few clips from us doing our show and appearing on RAP CITY (the Basement) w Big Tigger.

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DJ JS-1 Live Old Skool set in Europe...

This is part of a DJ JS-1 old skool set recorded live somewhere in Europe. (2008)

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A Day at the Louvre Museum, Paris, France...

While in Paris, France with a day off, DJ JS-1, DJ MUGGS, & MIXMASTER MIKE took a stroll through the Louvre museum. Here is some clips of that day, including the Mona Lisa... 

DJ JS-1 & RAHZEL (italy, japan, australia)

Traveling around the globe we get to see a lot of things. Here is a few clips of some of our travels in Italy, Japan & Australia (2003/2004). From Gondola rides in the canals of Venice, to Japanese television shows, or beatboxing to Gun N Roses on MTV in Australia, a lot of different things happen... enjoy...

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DJ JS-1 at Fatbeats w Talib Kweli freestyling

During an event that Dj Eclipse put together for Fatbeats in NY, DJ JS-1 was spinning, Dj Premier showed up, and Talib Kweli got on the mic and started freestyling... Here is a short video clip of that moment...

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DJ JS-1 aka JERMS (graffiti story...)

DJ JS-1 wrote graffiti from the late 80's and on. His tag was JERMS ONE, which was shortened to JS-1, becoming his DJ name. Throughout the early 90's he did many pieces at all the major hall of fames in New York City. This is a video showing several of his works and telling some of his graffiti background...

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November 28, 2010

October 12, 2010

RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 coming to France for full tour NOV 2010!

RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 coming to FRANCE for full tour in NOV 2010! 
check tour shedule page for cities and exact dates....


Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! RAHZEL! Ole!

RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 at Maquinaria Festival, Santiago, Chile....
"once again, we are the only hiphop group on the large festival w Rage, Linkin Park, Incubus, Dave Mathews Band, Pixies, Tiesto, n more...."

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October 7, 2010

RAHZEL at REDBULL BC1 Championships

This is a clip from Rahzel's solo performance at REDBULL's BC1 Championships in Biel, Switzerland.
Rahzel & DJ JS-1 will be back at the REDBULL BC1 Championships, this year, 2010, in tokyo, japan, on nov 27th. THIS VIDEO HAS OVER 3.5 MILLION VIEWS! check it out!!!!!

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DJ JS-1 "live on REGIS & KELLY show"

In 2007 DJ JS-1 went on the REGIS & KELLY morning show to do a demonstration, briefly explain hiphop djaying and teach Regis how to scratch. This was one of the funniest videos... See Regis scratching with JS, and Kelly rapping on the mic! LOL. You Must check this video out!!!!

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RAHZEL's "Rap Minute's" for www.ATOM.com

www.ATOM.com is comedy central's all comedy site. They recently asked Rahzel to do short skits mocking some of the funniest gossip and celeb news... YOU MUST WATCH THESE.... there are six episodes up and running now... in their words, "Rahzel's Rap Minute features The Human Beatbox Rahzel, the Godfather of Noyze and former member of The Roots, as he breaks down the latest music news in hilarious skits, funny impressions and great parodies of your favorite musicians. From Lady Gaga, to Prince, to 50 Cent, Rahzel has it all covered."



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A few years back, PEPSI used Rahzel for a national TV commercial. The commercial was really cool and also included Roc Raida. This commercial was soo popular it also aired during the SUPERBOWL that year! viewed by billions... check out this RAHZEL PEPSI commercial!!!

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DJ JS-1 "live on Halftime Anniv Show"

Dj Eclipse of the famous Halftime Radio show in NYC asked DJ JS-1 to be part of their anniversary show. The other guest djays were Dj Premier, Dj Evil D & Mr Walt, Tony Touch, & A-trak. DJ JS-1 did a breaks/originals set. This is one of his favorite sets... It is part 1 of 2. Check out both parts!

part 1:

part 2:

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DJ JS-1 & RAHZEL w Executioners at soundcheck

While on tour in the early 2000's some time, DJ JS-1, Rahzel, Total Eclipse & Roc Raida were warming up at sound check... This is some rare footage from that session... RIP ROC RAIDA...

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DJ JS-1 live in Amsterdam, Netherlands (2000)

This is a video clip of DJ JS-1 live in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2000. DJ JS-1 cuts up one of his favorite songs, LL COOL J's "gets no rougher". This is goin' off live!!!! Check this out....

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Here is one of Rahzel's many MTV appearances. This is a commercial slot with SLICK RICK that aired for several months across the globe on MTV. check it out! two legends...

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DJ JS-1 "live from Battle of the Year, Germany"

Here is footage from DJ JS-1's set at the BATTLE OF THE YEAR in Germany. It's great to see such a large venue and large crowd for a bboy event. This year, DJ JS-1 & RAHZEL will be performing at the REBULL BC1 championships in Tokyo, Japan on NOV 27, 2010. check out this video!

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Here is RAHZEL & ROXORLOOPS from Belgium. Many times Rahzel invites the beatboxers from that city to join us on stage. Roxorloops is a very talented beatboxer. Rahzel was showing roxorloops how to do his bass and roxorloops was teaching Rahzel his triple echo fx. it was a fun night... check this video out! it has almost 2 million views!

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DJ JS-1 & LARGE PROFESSOR live performance

This is footage of DJ JS-1 & Large Professor at JS-1's album release party at SOBS, NY. Large Professor has always been one of JS-1's favorites and was honored to have him on his album and to perform with him at his release party. Check out this rare video footage!

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RAHZEL "short beatbox documentary"

Here is a short beatbox documentary with Rahzel... you need to check this out!!!!

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DJ JS-1 "Ridiculous feat OC & Pharoahe Monch" video montage

This song, RIDICULOUS featuring OC & Pharoahe Monch, produced by DJ JS-1 is from JS-1's "NO SELLOUT" album. This is not an official video. This is a video montage of several different pictures... check this out!

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RAHZEL "twix commcercial"

Rahzel has been sort after by several companies, appearing in many television, radio, and movie commercials. A few years back TWIX candy bars ran a nation-wide television ad campaign featuring RAHZEL. This is one of the 15 second TV commercials for TWIX...

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DJ JS-1 aka JERMS graffiti video w Masta Ace song

In 2003, DJ JS-1 released his Ground Original 1 solo album. On this album there was a song with MASTA ACE called "What Am I?". On this song, Ace does his verse from the point of view of a spray-paint can, but makes it seem as if he's a gang member. it's one of the most clever verses ever. Masta Ace is one of the best song writer's out there... Because of the concept of the song, DJ JS-1 decided to make his own video to the song and put several of his graffiti pictures. DJ JS-1 has been doing graff since the late 80's / early 90's under the name JERMS. (this was the first time JS-1 ever messed w imovie, lol, so the video is cheesy but the pics are really cool.... listen to the lyrics!!!!1)

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Throughout the years, Rahzel has made several appearances on TV shows, including MTV. This is a solo Rahzel commercial for MTV that ran for several months on MTV around the globe.

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October 6, 2010

DJ JS-1 "live at Organized Konfusion Reunion Show"

Being one of the biggest Organized Konfusion (pharoahe monch & prince poetry) fans on the planet, DJ JS-1 was ecstatic that they were reuniting for a show at BB KINGS in Times Square, NY. He was even more thrilled to be able to open up the show and spin a set. This is a segment from that set... check this out! (by the way, if you dont own any Organized Konfusion albums, you need to do your homework!)

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Rahzel & MuzzFuzz for Bjork's album...

Rahzel did vocals on 6 or 7 tracks for Bjork's all acapella album, Medulla. Bjork is on of the most creative musicians/artists ever. This was from a live studio session in which Rahzel was laying down vocal ideas... check this out!!!

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DJ JS-1 "live originals set on Street FM, Long Island"

Check out DJ JS-1 spinning one of his impromptu original samples/breaks sets... This was on Street FM in Strong Island, NY. shout to Mickey Knox! check out this video!!!

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RAHZEL's interview for one of the most complete and in-tune beatbox organizations on the planet, BEATBOX BATTLE TV... check out this interview!

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RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 "Polish Wedding Invasion" video

A while back while in warsaw, poland, Rahzel & DJ JS-1 were sitting in the lobby of their hotel... A girl who was attending a wedding in the hotel ballroom invited them into the wedding. After a little contemplating they decided to go in and check out the polish wedding. Of course no one knew who they were and their reaction when Rahzel grabs the mic is priceless... These were fun times. RIP AJILE TURNER, he is the big black dude dancing with the bride. LOL... check this out!!!

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RAHZEL "All I Know" video

All I Know is the main single from Rahzel's 1999 solo album, "Make The Music 2000." This song was produced by the legendary Pete Rock. This is the classic video!!! A Must see! Check it Out!!!

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RAHZEL "Make The Music 2000" video

In 1999, Rahzel released his first solo album, MAKE THE MUSIC 2000 (an obvious reference to Biz Markie's Classic "Make the Music With Your Mouth". This was the title track produced by the legendary Marly Marl. Check out this rare and classic video with some true hiphop pioneers and legends in the Bronx, NY.

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LIFELONG feat DJ JS-1 "Veteran" video

L.I.F.E.LONG asked DJ JS-1 to do scratches on his latest single, "Veteran." Eventually a video was filmed for this song. The video was filmed at the METHODS clothing store in Brooklyn, NY. Right before this video was filmed, GrandMaster Roc Raida had passed away and Dj Premier pressed up shirts to honor Roc Raida. DJ JS-1 is wearing one of those shirts in this video. RIP ROC RAIDA... a true veteran. check out LIFELONG's albums in stores now!

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RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 at Duke University "If Ur Mother Only Knew"

One of the most popular beatbox performances of all time is Rahzel's "If Your Mother Only Knew" skit from his Make The Music 2000 album that dropped in 1999. Since then, thousands of beatboxers have tried to duplicate and imitate this skit. They've also used his technique of singing and doing beats at the same time to mimic Rahzel in their own routines. This was a pivotal moment in beatbox history and a game-changer. "If Your Mother Knew" went viral and was downloaded by millions and millions of people around the globe. From 1999 til now, this is always requested at Rahzel shows. Here is RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 at the famous DUKE UNIVERSITY, performing "If Your Mother Only Knew" > check it out!!! THIS VIDEO HAS OVER 2 MILLION VIEWS!!!

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DJ JS-1 & AFRA "Live in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan"

While in Japan in 2004, Rahzel & DJ JS-1 did some in-store appearances promoting Rahzel's Greatest Knockouts CD. Some of these performances we did with Japan's best beatboxer, our friend, Afra.
This is a clip of DJ JS-1 & Afra practicing at soundcheck for the TOWER RECORDS, tokyo show.
This was also the first time, DJ JS-1 used vestax turntables. check out the video....

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RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 at "Splash Festival: Germany"

RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 performed at the Splash Festival in Germany. Rahzel, known for his Wu-Tang tribute, sat down at the front of the stage and rocked this crowd of 30,000 with only one mic...
check this out!!! Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuthin' To Fuck Wit!!!!

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DJ JS-1 "random old school scratch clips"

Here is some old clips of DJ JS-1 cutting it up at different shows around the globe. Most of these clips are 6 to 10 years old. JS-1 enjoys doing a variety of scratches from the newer "crabs" and "flare" combos to traditional transforms and basic scratches. Many djays today try to master the harder scratches and never came close to being able to do the basic cuts. Check out JS-1 doing what he loves...

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Rahzel performing his rendition of "IRON MAN" by Black Sabbath. Rahzel, being one of the most diverse beatboxers of all-time is known for doing several different genres of music. From rock classics like Sabbath's Iron Man to reggae classics, r&b, dance, hiphop, and disco, Rahzel does it all. This video has over 1 million views!!! Check it out!

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