October 7, 2010

DJ JS-1 aka JERMS graffiti video w Masta Ace song

In 2003, DJ JS-1 released his Ground Original 1 solo album. On this album there was a song with MASTA ACE called "What Am I?". On this song, Ace does his verse from the point of view of a spray-paint can, but makes it seem as if he's a gang member. it's one of the most clever verses ever. Masta Ace is one of the best song writer's out there... Because of the concept of the song, DJ JS-1 decided to make his own video to the song and put several of his graffiti pictures. DJ JS-1 has been doing graff since the late 80's / early 90's under the name JERMS. (this was the first time JS-1 ever messed w imovie, lol, so the video is cheesy but the pics are really cool.... listen to the lyrics!!!!1)

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